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        The first and only, Free Speech Social Media Site in the World, that does not use any type of AI. No Artificial Intelligence used, so you can be assured that you are safe. No Bots or Trolls 

We also offer, the most Affordable Business Directory Local & World – Wide. All types of: Businesses, Professionals, Medical, Realtors, Shop On-Line Ads plus more. No Contract.  Register and pay a Flat, Monthly Low Fee. Create your own ads, with videos, photos articles, specials and so on.

Realtors, Direct Sellers/Landlords, can upload your unlimited amount of properties with a Flat Fee – Month to Month. So go ahead, and create your ads and let the world know of your existence. 

Note: All videos will be deleted after 30 days, to save space on the disc. If you delete them yourselves, that would help us a lot. (This is for the advertisements)

Connect with your clients, friends and family throughout the world, through our easy to use Video Chat (It is like face-time). We offer HD-Audio Calling, Texting and Video Chat (right -bottom side of site)(expand the screen for full view)

In order to have your clients, friends, followers and family join you at the site, they must be registered (free), and added to your contact list, to be able to connect. Your Profile page is only for your private use.

The people who want to Search for a Business, or Professional services, they will search at the

 “Search Business Directory.” (on the right side of the site). They will search by Business Type, or Professional type, and so on. By also the Country and State/City and they will find your business, regardless of what country you are in. It is good to advertise, because people are traveling to other countries and /or relocating and they need your services.

 Why we have the lowest advertising prices on social media worldwide?

We are all facing, the most difficult economic times ever, and unfortunately it becomes more difficult every day. So, because we understand that, we tried to alleviate at least this part of the stress, of the ‘Extremely high advertising prices’. Owning and running a business is difficult, but you must advertise and expose yourself to existing and new clients. That is why our prices are very affordable, and we are also not a large company, therefore we do not have a heavy overhead of expenses. And that is why we are able to make it Affordable to you, to advertise on a social media site. Digital Advertising making it Easy and Affordable!!

                ***Our members support Patriotic-Freedom believers, Businesses/Professionals***

 If you Advertise:

Cash Giveaway— There will be a couple of “Cash Giveaways” of the first 150 people that advertise on the Business Membership of each trade. Ex: Realtors- First 150 people advertise, they will be part of the cash drawing. Ex: Medical-First 150 people advertise will be part of the drawing of their profession. Lawyers, Food business, Trade jobs, and so on.. will be part of the drawing under their profession/business.  So, for EACH Trade/Business/Profession, first 150 people that advertise will be part of the Cash Giveaway Drawing, called ‘Insta-Cash’ (It will be paid with a check or direct deposit)

At that time, the winners will be notified and will be asked to either  provide their address so we can  mail the check or give us their bank account, so we can deposit the money. It is up to them. 

ATTENTION: People that add their Comments:

There will be a couple of ‘Cash Giveaways’ in a couple of weeks/months to whoever is more active on the group chats-comment section, throughout the site. So write your comments comfortably. Now you can!

At that time, the winners will be notified and will be asked either to provide their address so we can mail the check, or give us their bank account, so we can deposit the money. It is up to them.

We encourage you to Comment with ‘Likes & GIF’s’ on the huge variety of the organized Chat groups & “Like” us.  We encourage you, to make friends throughout the site as well. They are All Human!

To Add Friends: Go to Members tab at the (square box in the middle) and click on ‘add friend’ to the members, you want to be friends with

You will see only FACTUALVideos and Articles of what is happening around us and world – wide, through the Current Events chat group. So if you see something feel free to upload it and share it with everyone. Just make sure it is real and upload it at the appropriate chat group, that your video or article is about, so everyone can see it.

You will also see how to protect yourself and/or Unite with others. With ‘Like-Minded’ people, that help stop the horrible Agenda. We encourage people that belong in a group that help out society, with their guidance as to where to go or how to withstand against the Digital ID’s and so on. Upload your videos and articles and let us know, if you want us to create a special page for you. (you can email admin)

“WE” are more than them! Together, Connected, we can STOP this

  Circulate our site, ONLY, to Freedom of Speech Supporters

We have added the ‘Accessible’ for anyone who has difficulties. If you need us to add anything more to it, than what we have now, for your convenience, please email admin

Don’t forget to save the site, on your Home Screen of your cell phone/mobile. It converts into an app. Watch videos and expand the video screen for theater view. You can also have theater view on the Video chat and or Live Stream, if you expand it

The site has a variety of group chat topics for everyone. They are organized, and categorized, so click on the plus sign + for the sub – categories.  Make sure you take a look at each chat, and if you want us to add a specific chat group page, email us and we will discuss

 STEPS TO LIVE BROADCAST  (at the video chat on the right bottom side of site)

To begin a Video Broadcast, first create a group with all participants, then click the arrow next to the type your message box to begin the broadcast. When you click the button, a link to the broadcast will be shared in the group for users to join.

People can join the broadcast group and use the broadcast link to join the broadcast. In addition, there is no limit to the number of people who can participate in a video broadcast

 Profile page and Chat Groups

Your personal Profile page, has pvt. Messaging. Share everyday moments with friends and family. Upload your videos and or pictures and say something about them. Create your own stories, at your profile page.

At the chat groups, after 30 days + , all videos will be deleted. This is happening, so we can have more space to upload more news updates. So keep on adding.

  About circulating/referring our site to others and protecting ourselves

We appreciate it, if you would circulate this social media site, to other  “Like-minded people”. Feel free to share the news videos with other sites, so more people can see what is happening around them. The more people we wake up, the quicker, “We the People” become stronger and free from all the ‘harassment’. UNITED, we can stop their in-humane behaviors and genocides. It is our duty to save our children and generations to come from the New World Order – Reset Agenda

 The site is Independently owned and Managed

Everyone must be approved. If you see something out of the ordinary or, not within our beliefs, please email admin immediately. (Because we are only human…and mistakes can happen)

Email us for any questions or suggestions. We love to hear from you.

Thank you for connecting with us! We thank you, and appreciate your daily emails with your love, your kind words, and excitement to be part of our community!

                   “Together we are Powerful”

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