Free Speech Social Media Site

Free Speech Social Media Site

Free Speech- Not Censored -No Tracking - Social Media Site/Platform
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 Free Speech Social Media Site & Affordable Business Directory,  that does not use any type of AI. No Artificial Intelligence used, so you can be assured that you are safe.

No Bots or Trolls. It is an actual alternative of FB, Instagram, etc.. No other site like it, World – Wide!

 Our Affordable Business Directory Local & World – Wide, offers  All types of: Businesses, Professionals, Medical, Realtors, Shop On-Line Ads,  plus more. No Contract. See more at the (‘About Us’) page. (Must Register and pay the fee) So go ahead and place your ads.  (First 15o advertisers of each Business Type, (4) will be selected to win over $2,000

Connect with your clients, friends and family throughout the world, through our easy to use Video Chat (It is like face-time). We offer HD-Audio Calling, Texting and Video Chat (right -bottom side of site)(expand the screen for full view)

For people who want to Search for a Business, or Professional Service, search by the Business Type, or Professional type, Country and State/City at the right side of the “Search Business Directory.”

*Our members support Patriotic-Freedom believers of all types of Businesses/Professionals*

We encourage you to express your thoughts at the comment sections, with ‘Likes & GIF’s’ on the huge variety of the organized Chat groups & “Like” us.  (Cash giveaways, to the most Active members at the comments)

You will see only FACTUAL Videos and Articles of what is happening around us and world – wide, through the Current Events chat group.

Circulate our site, ONLY, to Freedom of Speech Supporters

Don’t forget to save the site, on your home screen of your cell phone/mobile. It converts into an app. Watch videos and expand the video screen for theater view. We have  Live Stream, as well. (Check the ‘About Us’ page to learn more)

Make friends, by clicking on Members and send friend requests of your choice. Also, at each chat group, and at your profile page, you can click on the Invite widget and invite whoever you want to join that specific page + And of course, you can always let your friends and family know to join you at our site 

The site is Independently owned and Managed.

Thank you for connecting with us! We thank you, and appreciate your daily emails with your love, your kind words, and excitement to be part of our Free – Speech social community!

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